Speech Therapy for Progressive Neurological Conditions

Speech Therapy for Progressive Neurological Conditions.

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Huntington’s disease, dementia or Primary Progressive aphasia we understand how these conditions affect your life.

You may be experiencing changes to your speech, voice, swallowing, saliva management or difficulties with communication.

These conditions have symptoms that change over time as the disease progresses. Problems with communication and swallowing may be present at time of diagnosis or may present in later stages of the condition. We are very experienced in managing the complex and changing needs of people with these conditions and will always prioritise a person’s quality of life and their wishes.

Whether your goal is to

  • speak clearly,
  • have more confidence in joining a conversation,
  • control saliva,
  • improve your voice,
  • explore alternative means of communication or
  • enjoy drinking a coffee- we can support you.

How we can help with Progressive Neurological Conditions

Our team of Speech Pathologists can help you and your family with education, strategies, ways to manage your symptoms and therapy to make sure you can participate in daily life.

We also offer knowledge of how your symptoms may progress. This means that you can put in place what you need, in order to maintain your skills, to help you maintain independence and safety.

Often education is the first step, so you understand why you are experiencing certain symptoms.

We will provide you with strategies you can apply straight away, and therapy if required.

If your concern is swallowing, breathing, or your cough strength we can show you how expiratory muscle strength training can help.

Therapy may be effective if your voice is not strong, or you feel that your speech is not as clear as it used to be.

We are passionate about providing a holistic approach to all of our clients and use treatments that are proven effective for your condition.

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