Therapy for Swallowing Difficulties

Our Pathologists can help with swallowing difficulties.

Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) can occur for many reasons. It may be present from birth or be the result of injury or disease that affects the brain’s ability to control the processes involved in swallowing.

Although we may swallow around 700-900 times a day without thinking about it, when eating and drinking is affected, we realise how complicated the process is. It can have a significant impact on your enjoyment of food and drink.

Swallowing difficulties can be managed and improved, with therapy and strategies tailored to suit your individual circumstances. Our goal is to make you feel safe and confident to eat and drink the most optimal textured diet possible.

We are a team on experienced Speech Pathologists with specialised interest in swallowing disorders on the Central Coast and Melbourne. We can show you therapy and strategies that can improve your quality of life.

So, if you need help with your swallowing difficulties, get in touch with Adult Speech Therapy and book an appointment.

Services for swallowing difficulties that you can trust

Adult Speech Therapy provides specialised services for clients experiencing swallowing difficulties across the Central Coast and Melbourne.

At your initial appointment, we’ll take a history of your swallowing problem and assess to find the reasons for your difficulties. Then we’ll create a personalised treatment plan. We are also experienced in providing Mealtime Management Plans. Your treatment plan may involve;

  • advice on food textures,
  • strategies to eat and drink safely or
  • swallowing exercises.

We are always developing services to offer our clients and remain up to date with research. Not all swallowing difficulties are a result of muscle weakness that requires strengthening exercises. Your therapist will determine what therapy is best for you to achieve your goals for eating and drinking.

Therapy is available to improve your swallow and make eating and drinking safer and enjoyable. There are many therapy approaches that may significantly improve swallowing difficulties, using proven techniques.

One treatment is using an EMST device(Expiratory Muscle Strength Training). Simple and easy muscle strength training with the EMST150 device can improve cough strength and reduce risks of choking.

Further referral for diagnostic tests may also be required. We will always liaise closely with your GP and treating healthcare team to ensure the most appropriate management.

Saliva Management

Our team can also help with saliva management, an embarrassing problem you don’t need to put up with. We will identify the underlying cause of this, with treatment focused on teaching you ways to control your saliva problem.

There is no need to put up with drooling and the embarrassment it causes.

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