Adult Speech Therapy Services

Adult Speech Therapy provides a range of services for adolescents and adults. We have the expertise to assess communication and swallowing difficulties and design individual, targeted intervention to assist you to achieve results.

Each person has a unique background and goals that they want to achieve. Your therapist will listen to your concerns and priorities before going through a thorough assessment and work with you to develop a program that suits your needs and requirements.

We will also provide ongoing strategies and management plans to our clients, so they have a clear pathway of how to work towards their goals at home.

Whether you are looking to communicate with clarity and confidence, improve the quality of your voice or find solutions to your swallowing difficulty, we are a team of friendly and experienced professionals who are motivated to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Our team does not work alone. We work in partnership with GPs, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, Neurologists, NDIS Support Coordinators to help clients with communication and speech difficulties. We also work closely with approved aged care package providers, Rehab at home providers and Residential Aged Care Providers.

We collaborate with Allied Health Professionals including Occupational Therapists, Dietitians and Psychologists to provide a holistic approach for our clients.

Adult Speech Therapy
We are a small team of passionate, motivated and purpose driven professionals ready to help you live an enriched and meaningful life. Our team provides a personalised service and will support you to achieve meaningful goals.
We are registered NDIS providers and help NDIS participants achieve amazing outcomes for a range of speech related conditions.