Speech Pathology services

How can Speech Pathology help?

Adults may experience problems with communication, speech, swallowing, voice and thinking for a number of reasons. These include stroke, brain injury (such as after a car accident), head and neck cancer, progressive diseases like Dementia or Parkinsons disease. With voice problems, the reasons are often varied.

With over 30 years of experience we have the skills and knowledge to help you with any communication, speech, voice or swallowing difficulties no matter what the cause. 

You want to know that the therapy you receive is the most up-to-date and uses techniques and practices that are proven.

Helping you to achieve your goals to get back to life

Your therapy sessions will be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

You may experience difficulties in 

  • finding the right words when you speak
  • using the telephone
  • planning what you’re going to say
  • making your speech sound clear or loud
  • working out how to write a text. 
  • Having a voice that is heard without straining
  • Enjoying the food and fluids that you like
conversations between friends

Everyone is different and your goals will differ depending on your condition and life situation.  Your therapist will assess the breakdowns and strengths in your communication and work with you to maximise your communication ability in your daily activities.

We will work at your pace, helping you to achieve what is important to you. We treat each of our clients with individual attention and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our methods of therapy vary according to what we know will work and your preferences. Traditional face to face therapy may be combined with computer-based therapy, the use of iPad apps, education of family members or using real life examples and situations. 

Telehealth is also available, so therapy can be carried out in your home. This means that therapy can continue safely but is also useful for people living in rural areas who can’t access a Speech Pathologist or just to provide some extra therapy in between appointments.

Home visits

We can also travel to your home, workplace or group home/day program on the Central Coast if required (at extra cost). We also visit a number of aged care facility visits, where we deliver assessments and therapy sessions.

Services in group homes or aged care facilities include:

  • Completing swallowing assessments and developing management plans
  • Communication assessments and recommendations. 
  • Carer and staff education
  • Prompt weekday appointments for more urgent referrals
  • Mealtime management/Eating and Drinking plans

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)

Our team is skilled in assessing  the need and recommending the  type of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system that will work for you. We provide follow-up visits to support the use of your of your system in your familiar surroundings as well as provide staff training in the chosen system to make sure everyone is working together. 

Our Services


Do you struggle with communication in daily situations and to participate fully in conversations? Our experience and dedication to our clients will help you achieve independent communication in your daily life.

Swallowing Difficulties

Comprehensive assessment and tailored treatment for swallowing problems to improve your quality of life and enjoyment of eating and drinking again!

Parkinson's disease

Do you want to be heard again and not have to repeat yourself? Do you want to control saliva and enjoy food and drink again? Find out about proven and effective treatment for speech, voice and swallowing difficulties.

Voice disorders

Brief sessions of voice therapy with an experienced therapist can make a significant difference to your voice quality and allow you to enjoy communicating again with a strong voice.

Traumatic brain injury

Following a brain injury, you may have experienced slurred speech, communication problems, cognitive (thinking) difficulties or challenges with social skills for home, community and work that are affecting your ability to return to your previous life.


Word finding difficulties, unclear speech, reading, writing/spelling and the ability to express yourself can be improved with targeted therapy that is focused on your goals combined with the support of your family.

Contact us today to find out more about our Speech Pathology services on the Central Coast.​