Disability & NDIS Speech Therapy Services

Everyone deserves to communicate and make choices.

The NDIS supports people with disabilities with funding so they can achieve their goals to meet their individual needs.

NDIS funding assists people to connect with services so they can become more independent and enjoy roles in the community and work.

Adult Speech Therapy is a registered service provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We are a team of experienced therapists who have specialised skills to work with a range of disabilities including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, stroke, Functional Neurological Disorders (FND), hearing impairment and intellectual disabilities.

Our friendly and welcoming Speech Pathologists are committed to assisting you with the goals that you have. We take the time to understand what you would like to achieve through our services so we can work with you to achieve your goals.

We understand that developing your communication skills improves your ability to socialise in the community, boost your confidence, self-esteem and your overall well-being. We will guide and support you to achieve your communication goals.

Our experienced Speech Pathologists are equipped to undertake assessments to identify your communication strengths. We have the knowledge and skills to work with all clients, including those who use minimal or no speech. We acknowledge all forms of communication as valid. We use a neurodiversity affirming therapeutic approach including addressing environmental barriers and educating your support team.

Disability and NDIS services plan

We will develop and establish a plan that is most appropriate for you by working closely with you and gaining a deep understanding of what you would like to achieve. We include support of family and carers in this arrangement, so everyone is kept informed.

If you need an alternative communication device, our team can help. We know how important it is to find the right communication device that works for you. Over the years, we have established relationships with suppliers of specialised communication devices. This means we can trial equipment that is right for you and your life.

Adult Speech Therapy provides home services, clinic-based appointments, group therapy and telehealth options. After-hours appointments are available by appointment only. We can accommodate you with the most comfort for you and your family.

Adult Speech Therapy
We are a small team of passionate, motivated and purpose driven professionals ready to help you live an enriched and meaningful life. Our team provides a personalised service and will support you to achieve meaningful goals.
We are registered NDIS providers and help NDIS participants achieve amazing outcomes for a range of speech related conditions.