Speech Therapy for Functional Neurological Conditions

Speech Therapy for Functional Neurological Conditions.

FND, or Functional Neurological Disorder, is a condition impacting the body’s nervous system, characterized by ‘software’ malfunctions rather than ‘hardware’ issues like strokes. This disorder can manifest throughout the entire body, presenting a unique set of challenges for those affected.

How Adult Speech Therapy can help with Functional Neurological Conditions

Imagine the brain as a computer which contains hardware and software. The software controls how the hardware functions and interacts with the environment. FND is like a glitch in the software of the brain, this can cause the hardware to function abnormally and react differently to the environment. Treatment involves recognizing these glitches and learning how to troubleshoot them.

It is also worthwhile to educate your support networks about FND such as your family and friends, as they will be able to help support you better during your treatment journey. It is important to work together with your team to set treatment goals and objectives to maximize good treatment outcomes.

Our Speech Pathologists have experience in working with people with Functional Neurological Disorder and can support you through individualised rehabilitation and recovery pathways. We also understand that a consistent approach in combination with your other health professionals is also important, and we can liaise with them as needed.

We can help with speech, voice, fluency and swallowing difficulties caused by this disorder.

Where can I find further information?

See the FND Australia website for videos and leaflets to learn more about FND. https://fndaustralia.com.au/

FND information can also be found at https://neurosymptoms.org/en/

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