Telepractice Services for Speech Pathology

What is Telehealth? Is it different to Telepractice? 

Speech Pathologists use these terms to mean the same thing. A health service is provided using telecommunication technology and allows the Speech Pathologist and you to be in  two different locations. 

Is it as effective as face to face therapy?

There is evidence that Telehealth services can be just as effective as face to face services. 

How does Telehealth work?

Telepractice services happen through a live, video meeting with your Speech Pathologist. 

Your Speech Pathologist will use different tools to make sure the service looks and feels as close to a face to face meeting as possible. 

What do I need to do to make Telepractice work? 

To have telepractice you will need:

A desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

A good internet connection. 

A location that is quiet, well-lit and free of distractions. 

A support person may be helpful for any technological issues or generally just to support the session. 

Can NDIS funds be used for Telepractice services with Speech Pathology? Yes. 

Can Medicare rebates apply  to Telepractice services for Speech Pathology? Yes. The Department of Health has  MBS telehealth allied health items (including Speech Pathology) for clients who have a valid referral. 

Will my private health fund cover telepractice services for Speech Pathology? An increasing number of Private Health Funds do permit customers who have the appropriate extras cover to claim for services delivered through Telepractice. Check with your provider to ask about coverage. 

Source: Speech Pathology Australia FAQs from the general public information sheet April 2020. 

Our Services


Do you struggle with communication in daily situations and to participate fully in conversations? Our experience and dedication to our clients will help you achieve independent communication in your daily life.

Swallowing Difficulties

Comprehensive assessment and tailored treatment for swallowing problems to improve your quality of life and enjoyment of eating and drinking again!

Parkinson's disease

Do you want to be heard again and not have to repeat yourself? Do you want to control saliva and enjoy food and drink again? Find out about proven and effective treatment for speech, voice and swallowing difficulties.

Voice disorders

Brief sessions of voice therapy with an experienced therapist can make a significant difference to your voice quality and allow you to enjoy communicating again with a strong voice.

Traumatic brain injury

Following a brain injury, you may have experienced slurred speech, communication problems, cognitive (thinking) difficulties or challenges with social skills for home, community and work that are affecting your ability to return to your previous life.


Word finding difficulties, unclear speech, reading, writing/spelling and the ability to express yourself can be improved with targeted therapy that is focused on your goals combined with the support of your family.

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