Voice Treatment for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a complex neurological condition for which there is no known cause or cure. Parkinson’s is well known for causing body tremors, but it can also stiffen muscles, slow movement, and change posture. Other less known symptoms include pain, depression, anxiety, speech changes, and loss of facial expression.

One of the effects of Parkinson’s is to make body movements smaller, as a result, the voice is produced with less force. This means that for a lot of people with Parkinson’s, the voice is often quieter and doesn’t carry like it used to. The Parkinson’s also depletes dopamine in the brain, making it difficult for clients to notice their softer voice.  When asked to speak at a normal volume, it is common to have the person with Parkinson’s say that they are yelling.

We are a team of Speech Pathologist who are passionate about helping people with Parkinson’s find their voice. We deliver an evidence-based program called SPEAK OUT!® (developed by the Parkinson’s Voice Project) .

With a range of exercises tailored to assist people with Parkinson’s, SPEAK OUT!® focuses on ‘speaking with intent’.

Speech therapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease 

SPEAK OUT!® is an evidenced-based speech program for people with Parkinson’s Disease. SPEAK OUT!® aims to improve a participants speech and voice through a combination of education, individual speech therapy sessions delivered over 8-12 sessions, home practise and weekly maintenance groups. These therapies may also have positive impacts on swallowing.  For more information on SPEAK OUT!®  visit The Parkinson’s Voice Project.

At Adult Speech Therapy we have a high proportion of Speech Pathologists on the team who can provide the SPEAK OUT!® program in person in the Central Coast of NSW area or Melbourne or via online therapy for all regions around Australia.

If you are concerned about your voice or the voice of a loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Adult Speech Therapy on 0466592104 or email us at accounts@adultspeechtherapy.com.au

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