Online Speech Therapy for Adults

We love Online Therapy!

Excellent healthcare should be accessible for everyone no matter where you live. We know that attending appointments can be challenging for many of our clients.

All our passionate and qualified Speech Pathologists and Allied Health Assistants are available to complete Online Therapy. Online therapy can include individual or group sessions and we are able to accommodate other members of your care team or family in meetings (even if they are at a different location to you!).

We love Online Pathology because:

  • It is convenient- Access anywhere- on holidays, at school, work, home or while waiting for the kids playing sport!
  • Research shows telehealth can achieve the same results as in-person sessions
  • You will save funding – not paying for travel time
  • There are shorter wait times- often there is no waiting list and you can start immediately
  • It is flexible- some clients benefit from multiple shorter appointment times each week rather than longer appointments less often
  • Training for staff, family and supporters is included and just as effective
  • We save your time travelling to appointments (we also know many people do not drive themselves so it can be a challenge to arrange transport to appointments)
  • Therapy in everyday places results in better outcomes than therapy in clinical environments
  • Many communication challenges benefit from intensive therapy and it can be inconvenient to come into a clinic multiple times per week
  • Everyone can access it with an internet connection- everyone deserves excellent therapy no matter where they live including regionally or remotely.
Adult Speech Therapy
We are a small team of passionate, motivated and purpose driven professionals ready to help you live an enriched and meaningful life. Our team provides a personalised service and will support you to achieve meaningful goals.
We are registered NDIS providers and help NDIS participants achieve amazing outcomes for a range of speech related conditions.