parkinson's disease

Effective treatments for Parkinson’s voice, speech and swallowing? We’re passionate about it!

Parkinson’s disease frequently affects swallow and cough function as well as voice and speech. There are many therapy approaches that may significantly improve your symptoms using proven therapy techniques.

One such opportunity to improve swallow, cough, and speech function is with EMST (Expiratory Muscle Strength Training). Simple and easy muscle strength training with the EMST150 device can provide patients with Parkinson’s an opportunity to slow the progression of these symptoms and enhance their present and future quality of life. It is the most clinically validated expiratory muscle strength trainer and has been proven effective in improving swallowing and cough functions of patients with Parkinson’s, reducing choking and aspiration risks.

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We are proud to have had extensive training with the researcher of this device. We offer our clients to purchase the device and instruction on how to use it as part of our services here on the Central Coast.

Speech and voice difficulties arising from Parkinson’s can be successfully treated. Make sure that you can be heard again and be understood with our research based treatments –  SPEAK OUT! and LSVT Loud ®

These proven voice and speech treatment programs have been specifically developed for others like you with Parkinson’s disease who want to be heard and improve the expression in their voice. To have a voice everyone wants to listen to!

We’ve even got group therapy called The LOUD Crowd® for support and maintenance of your strong voice and clear speech!

Treatment for Parkinson’s voice and speech is very effective. The SPEAK OUT! program that we deliver on the Central Coast has been described as a game changer! Follow this link to see how others with Parkinson’s have regained their voice and confidence to communicate.

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Difficulty swallowing, can happen at any stage of Parkinson’s disease. Signs may include: difficulty swallowing certain foods or liquids, coughing or throat clearing during or after eating/drinking, and feeling as if food is getting stuck. 

It is important to note any changes to swallowing, because there is opportunity to intervene early and preserve both health and quality of life.  

Treatment is specific to the nature of the swallowing problem. There are strategies and exercises that work to restore enjoyment of meals and your confidence with drinking, eating and controlling drooling. 

If you think you have difficulty swallowing, make an appointment to find out what can be done to help.

We can give you practical advice about improving your swallowing difficulties, controlling drooling and apps that can help in many ways.

The best time to start therapy for your voice, speech or swallowing is now before further progression of your symptoms occurs.

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Do you struggle with communication in daily situations and to participate fully in conversations? Our experience and dedication to our clients will help you achieve independent communication in your daily life.

Swallowing Difficulties

Comprehensive assessment and tailored treatment for swallowing problems to improve your quality of life and enjoyment of eating and drinking again!

Parkinson's disease

Do you want to be heard again and not have to repeat yourself? Do you want to control saliva and enjoy food and drink again? Find out about proven and effective treatment for speech, voice and swallowing difficulties.

Voice disorders

Brief sessions of voice therapy with an experienced therapist can make a significant difference to your voice quality and allow you to enjoy communicating again with a strong voice.

Traumatic brain injury

Following a brain injury, you may have experienced slurred speech, communication problems, cognitive (thinking) difficulties or challenges with social skills for home, community and work that are affecting your ability to return to your previous life.


Word finding difficulties, unclear speech, reading, writing/spelling and the ability to express yourself can be improved with targeted therapy that is focused on your goals combined with the support of your family.

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