Speech Therapy for Voice Disorders

Speech Pathology for Voice Disorders.

When your voice is impacted, this affects your ability to express yourself with your family, friends, workmates and the community.

Your voice is unique to you and the way you articulate your thoughts and convey your emotion.

A voice disorder can present in a variety of ways.

You may experience changes with pitch or volume, or you may feel as if you need to push your voice or your voice fatigues over the day. This may affect your ability to meet the demands on your voice over the day and lead to a chronic condition if it is not addressed.

Voice disorders can make it challenging to be heard or understood, especially in noisy settings such as a café or in a group of people.

Daily activities like chatting with your co-workers or using the telephone should be effortless conversations. However, if you have difficulties being heard without pushing your voice, it can be frustrating and tiring.

Adult Speech Therapy are a group of experienced Speech Pathologists ready to help you improve your voice so that you can be heard properly.

If you have symptoms such as:

  • voice changes that have not improved,
  • habitual coughing or throat clearing,
  • a voice that fatigues over the day or
  • discomfort in your throat,

you most likely have a voice disorder that can be improved with voice therapy.

What to expect from your first appointment

When you make an initial appointment with us, we start with a background history of your voice problem. This helps us understand how long you have had your voice problem, what issues may be making your voice worse and what demands are made on your voice over the day. Then we do a thorough assessment to identify the issues you are experiencing. Your voice will be evaluated using objective instrumental measurement.

A comprehensive treatment program will be developed that is specific for you.

As part of your voice treatment, we show you how your voice works, how to take care of your voice using good voice care strategies. During sessions we will practise and complete specific voice exercises. Continuing with the therapy program at home paves the way to a quick recovery.

We will support you with this with handouts and videos to watch so you know you are doing the exercises correctly and making the most of your time.

We will work with you to improve your voice so that you can once again, meet the needs of your work and lifestyle.

Seeing our qualified and experienced Speech Pathologists at Adult Speech Therapy will make a significant difference to your voice.

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